How Do You Play 3 Card Poker?

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A game that is increasingly gaining the momentum it deserves; not only is it easy to learn, but it also is an enjoyable way to earn some profit. If you have been stumbling about looking for a place to learn the basics of poker, you have landed in the right place! Here is your how-to-play guide on 3-card poker online.

How to Play?

  • For starters, the player is supposed to place an ante wager, betting on having at least a pair.
  • Then, three cards are drawn face down by each player from the deck that the dealer places.
  • Looking at his hand, the player will determine whether to place a wager (which will be of equal amount to the ante wager) to challenge his hand against the dealers.
  • The hand gets over when a player chooses to fold, and the dealer receives the ante wager.
  • If the player plays a wager, the player’s and dealer’s cards will be turned over to determine who has a better hand.
  • The player’s wager is returned if the dealer holds a hand of Jack-high or worse. Again, if the player has a Queen or something even better, then both the play and ante wagers are paid at 1:1.
  • The dealer wins both ante and plays wagers if they have a superior hand.

Some Tips:

  • Know Your Hand: The only difference this has with ordinary poker rankings is that a straight one is worth more than a flush, as they are easier to obtain in a 3-card game.
  • Practice: Practice to improve your skills on free online poker You will keep getting better with every method round.
  • Play Two Games Together: To keep your win-loss rate even, you can play two real money games simultaneously. By playing both the pair plus and ante-play bet on the same hand. For example, if you have a pair of 6s and the dealer has 8s, you would win if you choose the pair plus wager but lose the ante-play because the dealer’s pair is higher.
  • It can be either a win-win situation or a win-lose, but as you place both bets, you will not face any considerable loss in this online poker by choosing only one betting option.
  • Search for Best Casinos: Review their payout tables. Some online casinos offer a 6:1 payout for a straight-in-a-pair-plus game, while others might offer 5:1. You need to select the best payout to get the maximum profit.
  • Have a Budget: It is important not to get carried away while gambling, and setting a budget will help you not to fall into debt. To keep poker games online fun, you must keep a grip on your bankroll.


Online poker has been a delight to many people all over the world. However, winning at poker can be relatively complex if you need to learn how to play it. We have touched upon everything essential for you to learn to become a better player. Do bet responsibly and keep your head in the game.

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