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Several years ago, the site Grooveshark was a great way to find and stream free music. With a search box, you could find any song, album, or track. It was even available as an app for iOS and Android, but was quickly removed from both the Apple App Store and Google Play. You could still use the HTML5 version of the site to browse for music.

Josh Greenberg

In April Grooveshark was permanently shut down after losing a massive lawsuit against major record labels. This was the result of legal jihad spearheaded by Universal. The company was found guilty of intentional massive copyright infringement, and the courts have found it liable. While the case is ongoing, it is unclear how many people will lose their money if Grooveshark returns to life.

In the weeks and months after its crash, grooveshark‘s executives were killed in a mysterious car crash. The autopsy is scheduled for Monday, and it is not believed that drugs were involved. The toxicology report will take about two to three months to complete. The company’s founder was 19 when he co-founded Grooveshark with Sam Tarantino. Other companies that Greenberg founded include MaidSuite, TapShield, and the Gainesville Dev Academy. Additionally, he was a founding member of the Gainesville Technology Council.


The popular music streaming site is back in action! It was founded by Josh Greenberg in 2006, and closed down after several years of legal troubles with the record labels. In its heyday, it was home to over 35 million users and two offices. It offered a convenient and free way to upload and listen to digital music files. The problem was that it failed to secure licenses for the music it offered, which led to the closure of the site newsstock.

However, the specter of copyrights is still looming over the company. The recent shutdown of Grooveshark has sparked a legal battle, with rightsholders claiming that they were not aware of the company’s existence. The company must now either shut down the site or wipe its servers clean, or face a $75 million fine. In addition to its legal troubles, Grooveshark’s website is now full of warnings and disclaimers about piracy. It is unclear whether this victory will last, and neither company has stated for certain.

Copyright infringement lawsuit

The Grooveshark copyright piracy case has come to a close, but not before the company was hit with a record label’s lawsuit. The record label, which owns the rights to over 1000 songs, had filed the lawsuit, alleging the service had republished those songs without authorization newsbench. Escape Media, which owns the rights to those songs, had pleaded for forgiveness from the record labels, but a judge ruled that the music service must pay $75 million in statutory damages if it violated the terms of the settlement.

The record labels are likely to argue that Grooveshark’s service infringes copyright laws and is therefore not a legitimate business huay-online. The company’s founders began the company with the aim of licensing the music, but then failed to get the necessary licensing agreements and ultimately ended up in court. The company’s legal battle was only made more complicated when Grooveshark decided to include pre-1972 recordings.


The Grooveshark Shutdown is the result of a legal battle between major record labels and the streaming music service. The lawsuits allege that the site did not have the proper licensing privileges to host the music it featured. A six-year legal battle ensued. While Grooveshark’s legal team consistently rejected these allegations, the record labels assembled an extensive case against the streaming music service magazinemania.

The website of music-sharing service Grooveshark has been re-branded to look like it is owned by another company. Its privacy policies, copyright policies, search results, and identity are identical to those of its competitor, MP3juices. The only major difference is the name. Previously, Grooveshark was known as MP3juices, but it was shut down abruptly after settling a lawsuit with major record labels.

Return to service

While it was once one of the most popular music streaming sites, Grooveshark is back from death. The company, which claimed to have over 30 million monthly users at its peak, was forced to close down after years of litigation thoptvnews. The company was unable to compete with its stronger streaming competitors and ultimately settled with major music labels. According to Greenberg’s mother, police found no evidence of drug use and he never felt sick.


Although it is unclear whether Grooveshark will stay around, it has a lot to lose in the long run. The company’s founders are also reportedly planning to close the site in a few years, wipe its servers, and formally apologize to the music industry postinghub. If these terms are broken, Grooveshark will owe $75 million. In a statement to TechRadar, Grooveshark was not available for comment at press time.

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