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There are a number of options for you to bet on in NFL games, including Super Bowl wagers. All teams have different odds based on their chances of winning the championship. A team with a lower odds is not necessarily a bad option, but you will want to bet on it only if you think it is likely to win.

Statistical analysis is a good way to find value in football betting. You can also try two-way markets. In a two-way market, the underdog takes the lead, which can increase the odds. This is similar to handicap markets. If the underdog gets the lead, it is better to lay against the underdog, as the team is more likely to win the game.

You should also look for big skill differences in teams. For example, a team might score 49 points, but that doesn’t mean its offense is firing on all cylinders. A sharp bettor will pay attention to this aspect of the game, including the injuries to key players. You should also look at the head-to-head matchups between coaches. Coaches learn about each other’s styles, and the varying skill levels of players in their respective positions.

There are also numerous futures bets on football. Aside from the point spread, you can bet on different categories such as conference or division winnings. You can also bet on the season win total. A season win total is an easy way to win a bet if you know how to use it.

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